When it comes to protecting your structure from smoke and fire, there is no better choice than Dalton. We understand the critical nature of life safety and you can depend on Dalton. Our team of firestopping professionals is led by Eric Keeton, DRI, a highly certified and accredited firestopping expert. Keeton has the training and experience to evaluate the most complex structures. He can assess a project’s needs and ensure Dalton delivers the optimal firestopping plan and executes it professionally.

Our qualified, certified installers use only quality firestopping products. Our standards are high because when you are dealing with life safety, nothing less than 100-percent accuracy is acceptable. Dalton has been selected to firestop many important facilities, including leading area healthcare institutions. We are proud of our outstanding firestopping record. In fact, many firestopping product manufacturers recommend our firm to clients.

Dalton is a recognized industry leader in this newly emerging safety market. We are proud to be an FM 4991 certified firm, one of three in Ohio and one of 50 in the entire United States. Our experience and expertise set us apart from the competition. You can rely on Dalton to safeguard your facility and, more importantly, the people within.

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